Our Approach

Our approach at CrewFusion is to change people’s lives for the better and to assist organisations to become a great place to work for regarding their culture and leadership programs, but also their safety with high levels of productivity, efficiency and innovation.

At CrewFusion we have two lines of effort. The first line of effort is human performance which covers high performance teams, psychological safety, emotional intelligence, resilience, trusting teams, and mental health and wellbeing.

Our second line of effort is human safety/safety promotion which covers human factors, safety differently, learning teams, appreciative inquiry, adaptive capacity and human organisational performance.

Human Factors

We will tailor a human factors course that fits your niche and figure out your exact requirements. We will use industry standard training packages, we supercharge them to a level that will leave you wanting more. We do this through continuous research and networking with industries to ensure you are receiving the most contemporary, relevant and reliable package.

Human factors will focus on topics such as the human information processing system, culture, communication, decision making, human error and violation, situational awareness, stress and fatigue.

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Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is a game changer when it comes to allowing your team to thrive. It is all about allowing people to raise their hand, ask questions, bring up new ideas, all without fear or anxiety that they will be laughed at, ridiculed, fired, looked over at the next round of promotions and more.

The aim of focusing on psychological safety is to ensure people walk away feeling empowered and ready to face the challenges that work throws at them with the confidence that they will be safe.

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High Performance Teams

Successfully building high performance teams will create a positive workplace culture and will result in a more innovative, productive, interactive and successful team.

Our aim is to assist you in establishing a new mindset for your company that is based around creating a more innovative, productive, interactive and successful team.

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Active Listening

The skill of actively listening during a conversation where the aim is to understand rather than respond, is critical for building a high-performance team culture for your organisation. Our active listening approach will focus on tools and techniques that can help us all become better listeners.

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Trusting Teams

Trusting teams is all about being able to trust the people around you. We aim to balance performance and trust and build a workplace with a high level of trust and empathy. A lot of people that are high performers can be rude or arrogant, bring the rest of the team down with their toxic, bullying or narcissistic behaviours.

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Safety Promotion

Creates a positive safety culture within all levels of the workplace focusing on safety professionals through training, mentoring and communication whichdevelops a safety management system framework.

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Resilience refers to the ability to recover quickly from adversity. The focus will be on successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences, especially through mental, emotional and behavioural flexibility and adjustment to both external and internal demands.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

The stressors we face in our everyday life can have an impact on our mental health and lead to changes in our overall well being. Within the mental health and wellbeing module the focus will be on stress, fatigue and sleep management.

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Safety Differently

Safety differently is one term that explains a new view of safety culture which refers to the way organisations manage their safety systems and realise the level of importance the worker has when preventing incidents and innovating the workplace.

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Emotional Intelligence

We will focus on how we manage our own emotional intelligence in various situations. Whether life is easy or hard, we can develop tools to help manage our own, as well as others emotions.

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Does your workplace culture need a boost?

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