Psychological Safety

“When people believe they can speak up at work, the learning, the innovation and performance of their organisations is greater. Teams and organisations in which people believe that their voices are welcome, greatly outperform their counterparts.”

How can we help you?

Psychological safety is a game changer when it comes to allowing your team to thrive. It is all about allowing people to raise their hand, ask questions, bring up new ideas, all without fear or anxiety that they will be laughed at, ridiculed, fired, looked over at the next round of promotions and more.

The aim of focusing on psychological safety is to ensure people walk away feeling empowered and ready to face the challenges that work throws at them with the confidence that they will be safe.

What outcomes can you expect?

  • A renewed sense of confidence
  • A sense of empowerment
  • Ready to face challenges and adversity
  • Renewed attitude toward adversity at work

Could you benefit from Psychological Safety?

Psychological safety is important in ensuring your team thrives at work. If you are wanting to make positive changes in your workplace and for your employees, reach out to our friendly team at CrewFusion who can assist you with psychological safety!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What benefits does this program offer?

By engaging with our team building activities Sydney, your employees will be given a renewed feeling of confidence in their team and in their own abilities, helping them embrace challenges. By ensuring their psychological safety in the workplace, you will give them a sense of empowerment through the knowledge that their ideas will be considered and their opinions will be heard. This will see your team will generate new and innovative ideas to help you better address the issues you face. Fostering an improvement in your employees' psychological safety in the workplace will help them to become increasingly resilient and thrive each day at work.

What is the main focus of this program?

In offering our expertise on psychological safety in the workplace, we focus most significantly on helping your employees feel comfortable and supported at all times. Our program focuses on the elimination of fear in the workplace, giving your employees the confidence they need to voice their concerns and opinions, and offer their insight into crucial decisions. By eliminating concerns of punishment and ridicule, our team bonding activities Sydney focus on developing a supportive environment that your employees can thrive within.

Why is psychological safety important in my business?

Psychological safety in the workplace crucial for your business as those employees that feel pyschologically safe at statistically far less likely to leave your business. Fostering psychological safety in your business makes sure your employees remain engaged and invested in their work and the organisation as a whole, helping to improve your business performance.

If you fail to engage with team bonding activities Sydney that promote psychological safety, you may face high rates of turnover and increased costs of training, influencing your team harmony and your business's profitability,

What can cause a lack of psychological safety in the workplace?

Psychological safety is extremely important within the workplace as it will help employees feel safe and allow them to contribute and offer new ideas safely. However, your employees may not feel psychologically safe at work if their team leader is viewed as untrusworthy, or if they do not feel respected and valued int heir role. A lack of psychological safety in the workplace may be a result of minimal trust, and when employees feel they will be severely punished for sharing unsuitable ideas or making small mistakes. However, undertaking our team building activities Sydney can turn this around for your business and invigorate a sense of confidence in your team to support their mental health and work performance.