• Innovate, adapt & overcome crisis
  • Grow & enhance employee wellbeing
  • Positively reinforce successful habits


  • Build a learning safety culture
  • Change the way you think about safety
  • Set an occupational safety mindset

How can CrewFusion
benefit your business?

CrewFusion’s mission is to provide practical, experience-based solutions to complex problems within a business based on our own lessons learned through operating in & developing safety systems. We accomplish this through fresh, fun, revolutionary human factors training, safety training in the workplace & coaching for high-reliability industries.

Company Profile


Leading education and courses which build a culture of High-Performance and Trusting Teams in your organisation.


Consultations aiming to solve your workplace problems, reach your goals and achieve a positive workplace environment.


Professional safety courses to develop skills and create a high-level safety culture within your organisation.

Why CrewFusion?

The founder of CrewFusion, David East has been working in team-orientated workplaces his entire career. As a frontline Aircraft Technician and Aircrew in the Royal Australian Air Force for 27 years, David has seen the best and worst of team dynamics.

David is a qualified Business Leader Coach, Aviation Safety Officer, Lead Auditor and Human Factors facilitator, his passion for helping others reach a higher level of personal and team performance is profound.

Now David’s team brings their own wealth of experience to help you solve your workplace problems and build a culture of High-Performance and Trusting Teams that you can all be proud of.

About David East


At CrewFusion we offer several course options to suit what you are looking for and meet your needs. Our course options include our CrewFusion Thrive high-performance course, our professional safety training and consultation course, human factors training and business and leadership coaching.

Promote meaningful growth and enhance employee wellbeing
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Our Approach

Our approach at CrewFusion is to change people’s lives for the better and to assist organisations to become a great place to work for regarding their culture and leadership programs, but also their safety with high levels of productivity, efficiency and innovation.

High Performance Teams

High performance team training will provide a positive mindset and outlook resulting in a productive, innovative, interactive and successful team.

Safety Promotion

We work with safety professionals in organisations to help develop their safety management systems and provide training to receive better safety outcomes.

Psychological Safety

Psychological safety will ensure people walk away feeling empowered and ready to face the challenges that work throws at them with the confidence that they will be safe.

Active Listening

Active listening will focus on tools and techniques that can help us all become better listeners and communicators.

Human Factors

Using industry standard packages to create a human factors course that is tailored to your organisation and its requirements.


The focus will be on successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences, especially through mental, emotional and behavioural flexibility and adjustment to both external and internal demands.

Trusting Teams

We aim to balance performance and trust by ensuring workplaces have a high level of trust and empathy.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

The focus will be on stress, fatigue and sleep management focusing on skills on how to manage stress, our mental health and emotions as well as understanding sleep and its benefits.

Emotional Intelligence

We will focus on how we manage our own emotional intelligence in various situations by developing tools to assist in managing our own and others emotions.

Safety Differently

Safety Differently focuses on the importance of preventing incidents and innovating the workplace.

Workshops & Keynote Speaking

David has extensive experience in all aspects of public speaking and workshops speaking on topics such as human factors, learning teams and safety differently.

David has been a keynote speaker at 2 events within the Defence field. At these events, David spoke on two topics of great importance, Psychological Safety and High Performance Teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you offer team building activities in Sydney?

Yes! Our courses are designed to build a positive workplace culture and environment which may be based on some team building activities. To find out more about the courses we offer, click here. Our team at CrewFusion are able to tailor courses and approaches to suit your needs.

What is included in a work health and safety course?

Our safety courses are based on Safety Differently, HOP principles & Learning Teams concepts. Our aim is to work with safety professionals within any organisation to assist in developing their SMS (safety management systems) for better outcomes through safety policy, safety assurance, risk management, hazard control and safety promotion. 

What is involved in the emotional intelligence course?

Our approach to emotional intelligence training will provide you with tools to assist you with managing your own as well as other people's emotions. Emotional intelligence has been shown to be an extremely important trait and is important within the workplace, especially for leadership roles.

Do you offer HOP safety training?

Our HOP (Human Organisational Performance) safety training course covers all aspects of safety and Human Organisational Performance in the workplace! At CrewFusion our aim is to provide skills to create a mature and resilient safety culture within your workplace. We have a strong focus on safety investigations, being able to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances within the workplace and learning from human error. To find out more about our HOP safety training course, click here.

How important is psychological safety in the workplace?

Psychological safety is extremely important within the workplace as it will help employees feel safe and allow them to contribute and offer new ideas safely. When people have positive feelings related to their work and feel confident around others in the workplace, the results show in their performance. To find out more about psychological safety and how we can help you, click here.

Do you offer high performance team building?

Yes, at CrewFusion we offer an approach to high performance teams! We often refer to “let’s measure the success of an organisation by how well they enhance human well-being” as we believe that human wellbeing and high performance within the workplace work simultaneously.

High performance training will assist in ensuring your organisation's team enjoy their work, enjoy the organisation they work for and in turn will become a successful, innovative, and productive team. Click here to find out more about our high performance teams approach.

What is involved in human factors training?

Our human factors training course will focus on culture, communication, decision-making processes, human error and violation, situational awareness, stress and fatigue. Our human factors course is able to be tailored to suit your specific needs.

What is the focus of a business leadership course?

Our business leadership course is run by a qualified business and leadership coach who will provide a range of coaching benefits. Our aim is to help teams by enabling individuals to focus on specific areas within their business that need improvement and assist them in achieving their goals.

At CrewFusion, our business leadership course has a strong focus on team dynamics, improvement and lifestyle. We will identify the change your workplace requires for success, enhance human wellbeing, understand and change the way you think about safety, build a team that can adapt and overcome crises and much more. To find out more about our business leadership course and coaching, click here.