Company Profile

CrewFusion was founded in 2017 and has a focus on providing training for Aviation based companies, providing Human Factors training to aircrew and maintenance organisations as part of their essential forecast training requirements. The team at CrewFusion bring their own wealth of experience to assist you with solving all of your workplace problems and build a culture of high-performance and trusting teams that you can all be proud of.

From the office to the worksite, the chef to the surgeon, the maintainer to the pilot, David and his crew have worked with a diverse range of industries and will overcome your biggest workplace issues to help you and your team succeed and win!

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About David East & His Experience

David East, the founder of CrewFusion, has been working in team-orientated workplaces his entire career. As a frontline Aircraft technician and Airmen Aircrew in the Royal Australian Air Force, he has seen the best and worst of team dynamics. With skills as a qualified Business Leader Coach, Aviation Safety Officer, Lead Auditor, Leadership Facilitator and Human Factors Facilitator, David has a passion for helping others reach a higher level of personal and team performance.

David is extremely passionate about everything CrewFusion has to offer, and aims to change peoples lives for the better and help companies become the preferred place to work by improving their workplace culture and by implementing leadership programs.

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