Safety Promotion

Develop safety management systems for better organisational safety outcomes

How can we help you?

At CrewFusion, we work with safety professionals within any organisation to help develop their SMS (safety management systems) and provide in-depth training in order to achieve better outcomes through safety policy, safety assurance, risk management, hazard control and safety promotion.

What outcomes can you expect?

  • Advocating/strengthening a positive safety culture
  • Matching competency requirements to system requirements
  • System and safety communication awareness
  • In-depth safety lessons

Could you benefit from Safety Training in the Workplace?

If you are searching for a work health and safety course and are wanting to develop your organisation’s safety management systems, our safety promotion training will be beneficial for you. Get in contact with our team at CrewFusion today to get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Why does safety promotion matter to my business?

Safety promotion is crucial for business in ensuring each of your employees remains unharmed and free from health hazards at all times. Our team building activities Sydney work to implement safety management systems that are specific to your business. Our program ensures a consistent process is introduced, where the lessons you learn are communicated effectively, implemented each day, and constantly developed to meet the challenges you face as your business progresses.

What is included in our safety training program?

We work alongside safety professionals to offer a comprehensive program that addresses all the most important elements of safety promotion. This centres around a process that addresses six key outcomes. 

  1. Recognise the importance of safety in your workplace environment
  2. Improve and develop the promotion of safety in your business
  3. Improve both your organisational and human performance
  4. Create a mature and resilient culture
  5. Give your staff the skills to identify and fix issues you face
  6. Build confidence and capacity among your staff

What benefits can I expect to see?

By undertaking our safety promotion program, your business can expect to see a reduction in the incidence of illness and injury, as well as an improvement in your organisation. Importantly, your staff will feel more confident in their ability to undertake their work free from risk, improving their morale and commitment to the organisation. Safety training in the workplace improves your organisational performance and improving employee morale and sentiment, setting your business  up for a prosperous future!

Which businesses are best suited to safety promotion programs?

No business is more suited to a safety promotion program than another as they are absolutely crucial to all businesses, regardless of their size, industry or history. While our team bonding activities Sydney have been particularly influential in the airline industry, we tailor our safety promotion programs to suit your business. Offering our services at a time and location that is most convenient to you, we will transform your employee's understanding of safety and the risks they are exposed to no matter what type of tasks they undertake.