Human Factors Training

Course Overview

Our CrewFusion Human Factors (CRM & NTS) course is the CRM program that has made aviation one of the safest communities in the world.

Our Human Factors course has been a regular mainstay for the worldwide Aviation community following serious commercial airline crashes in the 1980s.


While still providing courses to aviation companies, CrewFusion has transitioned human factors into a package that any workplace can relate to. The transformation into a measurably safer organisational culture begins immediately.

The human factors training course will focus on culture, communication, decision-making processes, human error and violation, situational awareness, stress and fatigue.

Course Outcomes

  • Gain communication skills
  • Focus on building a positive workplace culture
  • Understand situational analysis in the workplace
  • Gain knowledge about decision-making processes
  • Understanding the role of stress and fatigue in the workplace

Book Human Factors Training

If you are wanting to make a positive change in your organisation, book in Human Factors training with CrewFusion. We can tailor a course to suit your specific needs and goals!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you offer human factors training in Sydney?

Yes! We offer our team building Sydney activities and human factors training courses in a variety of methods, allowing your business to choose a time that suits you, as we are available to offer our services 24/7. Our team will also come to you, whether you are located in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. With an initial two-day course that is designed to maximise the effectiveness of your team, our team is committed to offering you a course specific to your industry and the challenges you face.

Why should my business undertake human factors training?

Human factors training is beneficial for businesses of all types as it ensures that the work your team complete is done safely, efficiently and effectively, catering to their needs and the challenges that they face each day. These training programs will give your team a greater understanding of the errors that they may make, and help them identify the causes of mistakes specific to their job.

Working to increase their knowledge and embrace a culture of continuous learning and improvement, these team bonding activities Sydney will improve your performance and give your team the confidence they need to take their work to the next level. 

What will happen if I don't undertake human factors training?

If your business doesn't engage in our human factors training and expose your team to our team bonding activities Sydney, your business will be at risk of making costly errors that an affordable and convenient training course could mitigate. Unfortunately, your employees will not have an understanding of the potential errors they may make each day, and may continue to be at risk of illness and injury. Equipment may be damaged and used improperly, and your employees may not feel confident in their team and their work environment. However, our team building activities Sydney can change this for your business, and make sure your future is bright!

What is involved in human factors training?

Our human factors training is delivered through a comprehensive course that focuses on the most important factors that influence our work. These include culture, communication, decision-making processes, human error and violation, situational awareness, stress and fatigue. While we have had great success delivering these programs alongside team building activities Sydney within the aviation industry, we're committed to tailoring our human factors course to suit the specific needs and requirements of your business.