About David East & His Experience


David East, the founder of CrewFusion, has been working in team-orientated workplaces his entire career. As a frontline Aircraft technician and Airmen Aircrew in the Royal Australian Air Force, he has seen the best and worst of team dynamics. With skills as a qualified Business Leader Coach, Aviation Safety Officer, Lead Auditor, Leadership Facilitator and Human Factors Facilitator, David has a passion for helping others reach a higher level of personal and team performance.

David joined the Royal Australian Air Force when he was 23 and worked as an Aircraft Technician for 10 years. In 2006, David was successful in becoming Airmen Aircrew, a competitive and challenging role that saw him become a part of the crew flying the aircraft. Starting as a Flight Engineer on Caribou aircraft until Caribou’s were retired in 2010, he then transitioned to become a Loadmaster on C-130J Hercules.

Throughout this role, David gained experience working in Defence in a role focused on Human Performance where he found his passion. David was training people, managing safety and organisational culture and innovating in the human performance space – where he focused on psychological safety, emotional intelligence, trusting teams, resilience and mental health. David is extremely passionate about everything CrewFusion has to offer, and aims to change peoples lives for the better and help companies become the preferred place to work by improving their workplace culture and by implementing leadership programs.

How can David help your business?

David can assist your business by implementing and utilising an emotional intelligence course, high performance team building, a business leadership course or a course that suits your requirements and goals. David will work with you to ensure your team is skilled and equipped to take on a crisis and succeed. Get in contact with David today by filling in the form below!

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