Company Profile

CrewFusion was founded in 2017 with a focus on providing Human Factors training for Aviation companies as part of their essential forecast training requirements.

CrewFusion has since evolved into a company that provides training and consulting to all industries! Our aim is to help various organisations develop essential skills within their employees that provides opportunities for all staff to improve both as individuals and as a team member. We work with companies to assist them in improving their Safety Management Systems, through accident investigation analysis, safety promotion and HOP (Human & Organisational Performance) programs. We ensure we utilise the latest concepts and thinking in human and industrial safety when working with your safety team to ensure your company is always taking the lead in the dynamic world of safety.

Let’s measure the success of an organisation by how well they enhance human well-being

David East

We use modern safety philosophies to help companies become a safer place to work, and consequently become more efficient, productive and innovative. We aim to make companies the preferred place to work due to their workplace culture and leadership programs. At CrewFusion, we utilise a solid strategy, contemporary information and delivery to ensure your organisation improves measurably and becomes a great place to work.

CrewFusion has coached over 1000 students from multiple organisations and are experts in helping business leaders develop high-performance teams. The team at CrewFusion bring their own wealth of experience to assist you with solving all of your workplace problems and build a culture of high-performance and trusting teams that you can all be proud of. From the office to the worksite, the chef to the surgeon, the maintainer to the pilot, David and his crew have worked with a diverse range of industries and will overcome your biggest workplace issues to help you and your team succeed and win!