Workshops & Keynote Speaking


David is experienced in running workshops and speaking at keynote events and aims to provide knowledge and understanding for his audience as well as develop skills that are critical for themselves and their workplace. David’s aim is to make people’s lives better by giving them understanding and skills surrounding all aspects of Human Performance and Human
Safety/Safety Promotion.

David has experience working in the Defence field and has extensive experience training people, managing safety and organisational culture. His experience and passion for High Performance Teams, Human Performance, and Human Safety has encouraged him to share his knowledge through workshops and keynote speaking to help organisations to become a better and safer place to work with improved culture, leadership programs and improve employees wellbeing.

David has run hundreds of workshops within Defence that have been based around topics such as Human Factors, Learning Teams and Safety Differently. His aim is to inform his audience on all aspects of these areas such as the importance of these approaches, what is included and expected outcomes for individuals and organisations.

David has been a Keynote speaker at 2 different events within Defence. The topics for both events were Psychological Safety and High Performance Teams. David aims to provide knowledge and information which is relevant for everyone, with what to expect from implementing these approaches in your organisation and the positive outcomes that result.

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David is experienced in keynote speaking and running conferences and workshops to provide information and help people develop their skills to ensure your organisation is a positive and safe environment to work in. Reach out to David today to find out more information about him speaking at your next event!

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