Business & Leadership Coaching

Course Overview

David is a qualified business and leadership coach that can work with people of all levels to provide coaching services and benefits. Coaching helps a team by enabling individuals to focus on areas that need improvement, and assist in reaching goals they would like to achieve.


Business and leadership coaching aims to assist in a range of areas such as:

  • Implementing the change your workplace needs for success
  • Elecant your employee brand
  • Enhance human wellbeing
  • Build a learning safety culture
  • Build a team that can adapt and overcome crisis
  • Change the way you think about safety
  • Fail safely – innovate, adapt, recover
  • Manage predictable and safe operations in a highly variable world
  • Discover safety as a super highway toward work done better, more reliably and more efficiently

Course Outcomes

  • Reach your business goals
  • Develop safety skills
  • Enhance your team building skills

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